Companies struggle to maintain current pricing from their vendors using emails, printed documents and spreadsheets.

And even though keeping current pricing in front of customers is absolutely required to compete in today's fast paced world, vendors have difficulty providing price updates to customers in a quick, seamless manner.

That's where we come in.

rateBridge is a unique web-based system that enables sales and purchasing personnel to easily manage price lists.

Maintaining a price list has never been this easy:

  • Invite vendors to quote on your price lists and avoid emails and phone calls.
  • Invite customers to review your pricing online and keep them updated with the latest prices automatically.

rateBridge allows you to focus on growing your business instead of trying to locate and update pricing information.



  • Manage price contracts with ease. Share price lists with colleagues and customers.
  • Get updated pricing automatically from your vendors. Provide up-to-the-minute pricing to your customers without having to revise any price sheets.
  • Compare vendors across products or services and optimize your vendor selection.


  • Vendors can update a customer, or groups of customers, on current product pricing with just a few clicks.
  • Suppliers can add SKUs to their pricing lists in one place and get price quotes from multiple vendors with ease.


  • Our tools allow you to select the best vendor or provide the best rate to your customer.
  • Review historical pricing trends for better cost management.
  • Maximize your profit and exceed your goals.

The rateBridge platform is designed with the user in mind. Our features are intuitive, easy-to-follow, and flexible.

Please contact us today to discuss your requirements. At rateBridge, we strive to provide customer focused, cost effective benefits.

About Us

After spending years relying upon complex spreadsheets to track prices and building custom software for managing pricing, we want to enable sales and purchasing personnel in any company to easily manage price lists.

The rateBridge concept was borne out of the frustrating task of maintaining complex transportation pricing contracts. Our goal: to provide a world-class solution for calculating, changing, and delivering prices in a world where cost is increasingly complex and dynamic. Although our experience comes from managing international transportation contracts, we've delivered a flexible, intuitive system that can help sales and purchasing personnel in nearly any industry.

Our People

Colin ChapmanCo-Founder

Colin has spent nearly two decades in technology startups, including serving as CEO of Ozone International and President of Colin loves creating software that helps organizations automate their operations and enhance their productivity. Colin holds degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Washington and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Chris has been in the logistics business for 25 years. For the last ten years, he has focused on developing unique Software-as-a-Service applications that allow firms, large and small, to better manage their data. From PO management to Tracking and Tracing, Chris has been driven to provide cost effective solutions that can service small companies and scale to provide the largest firms with meaningful data management in easy to use applications.